Customer experiences

Vienna Sporthotel

Vienna Sporthotel – Austria

Holger Wernicke - CEO

I would like to express our satisfaction with the collaboration with Falk Tours and its team.
The processes were and are always perfectly organized, and the reservation information was/is always transmitted on time.
This has significantly contributed to a smooth and efficient process. Many thanks for the excellent service!
We look forward to continued good and smooth cooperation.

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Hotel Kräutergarten

Hotel “Im Kräutergarten” – Germany

Elke Kiesewetter

We have been working successfully with Falktours for over 10 years. In this way, we have gained a large number of regular guests and significantly increased our brand awareness through extensive marketing.

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Harmonie Hotel Rust

Harmonie Hotel Rust – Germany

Thomas Rust - Owner of the hotel

Our hotel has been successfully working with Falk-Tours for many years. Thanks to this excellent collaboration, we have been able to attract and welcome many guests to our establishment throughout the year! Through various actions and campaigns with Falk-Tours, we have reached a clientele that we could not have reached with our own marketing efforts! As a result, we have gained many new regular guests!
We hope for a long-lasting, trustworthy partnership with Falk-Tours and wish them continued success!

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Hotel Kirchdach

Landhotel Kirchdach – Austria

Uncomplicated, casual but serious. Nice and funny but professional.
Not just Alps&More but Service&More.
Looking forward to a new season!

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